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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome to the World Cup

It's time to get back to business!  A few observations before we get started.

* I was absolutely blown away by the cards that came back to me.  A big THANK YOU to all that joined in.
* In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have taken these cards on vacation with me.  It made it difficult in keeping them straight.  Undoubtedly I may have made some mistakes.  If so just correct me and I will make sure everyone gets a fair shake.
*A couple of traders didn't send a return.  I don't want to call anyone out but if you don't see your entry and you didn't send then you would know why it's not there.  If you did send and it's not there then it just never made it here.  No ill feelings just water under the bridge.

Let's look at Group A-

Only one claim in group A.  Therefore, Met's Cardboard participant Justin moves into the knockout stage.  Let's look at some cardboard:
 Some Cardinals
 Some Bama
Some Dirks


Onto Group B

Doug from Buck Store Cards had two entries and I fear I may have discombobulated his entries.  If so the second will be even stronger lol.
Let's look at the goods:
 A nice Braves selection
A nice auto

His competition was Mark Hoyle who sent a monster:
 He sent a huge stack of Bama Alumni
 Also a nice selection of wax
 I'm rich!  EXPOS COINS
 Beautiful Vintage
 Mark knows I'm about to start 75 Topps.  He sent a healthy stack

 A nice stack of Cardinals.  Topped off by that scary fellow
 Basketball Vintage
 Dr. J
 The centerpiece?  A very nice vintage. No relation...That I know of

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