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Monday, September 8, 2014

What i did on my summer vacation? Cards 21-30

Let's take a look at my favorite 21-30 cards that I added during my vacation:

 #30 Mad dog.  I just wish there were more to that patch.  I pulled this one out of a 20 pack repack plus a hit dealio
 I pulled this Cena out of a pack
 Not much to the auto but still cool
 Hard to read but this is an end zone parallel #'d 2/6.
 The Myers came from a Dutch lot from Ebay
 Love the silver ink
 He was a stud before he lost his mojo.  This card is still warm from being red hot back in the day
 These two Reggies came from COMC
 Pulled this one out of a pack wars prize pack
 So excited when this Hubie fell out of a pack for me
Double auto/Double jersey including the future franchise RB

Stay tuned for 11-20 in the card countdown


  1. Congratulations on pulling that Cena. The Maddux isn't too shabby either.

  2. That Belinelli is a sharp looking card!

  3. That Ankiel is cool. Used to love how he wore those socks.