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Monday, September 8, 2014

What I did on my summer vacation by jaybarkerfan

I have returned from my vacation and it's back to the old grind later this week.  I had the opportunity to enjoy some beach relaxation and a lot of cardboard last week.  Here I will detail the top 30 cards that I now have in the junk pile.  This doesn't include any World Cup of Trading additions.

Before we get started, here are a few that didn't quite make the list.  We'll call this the honorable mention roll call:

 Big Papi and Manny Being Manny
 Johnny Baseball
 2 Great Vintage Braves that I didn't have
 The cult hero Rookies issue.  I've always wanted this one
 Never knew he made it in 85 sets
 So odd to see Jay in the Pin Stripes. 
 Smoky is listed at 195.  Somehow I don't quite believe that
 At one time this was a simply red hot card.  Glad to add the Doc to my pile
 Classic Blue
 Brewer was one hell of a hustle.  Loved that a little sliver of patch is on here
 Pulled this one out of a pack
 Hot Chicks

Coming up next will be 30-21 on this countdown.  Stay tuned!


  1. Your summer vacation beat mine! Love that Danny Tartabull.

  2. Those ladies are very impressive. I admire their beautiful looking signatures ;-)