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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Deal or No Deal-Three More Cases

As my granddaddy would have said-"This is getting down to the nit and the grit."

Spooky Erstad gone

Mets Auto Gone

Autographs off the board


"Hello Brad.  That round was very fortuitous for you.  The big pearl is still out there with only three cases remaining.  Accept my offer or open one more case."

Offer- A well loved Robin Roberts Autographed Ball

Remaining cases:


  1. Holy crap. Take it, man! Awesome ball.

  2. AHH such decisions.. the jackpot is still out there, the girlfriend said I can keep playing.. No Deal!!

    I choose case 20

  3. Man, I think I would have gone with the ball and I can't even remember what the grand prize was!

  4. The wait is killing us! Can't wait to see the next unveiling