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Saturday, August 10, 2013

PWE Bombs are so last month. This is my next big thing.

I had a lot of fun with PWE bombs.  The Marathon tragedy made a lot of us uneasy about using the term.  I will still send out PWE's but I'm moving on to something a little more grand.

It's a move that I'm trademarking as "T.O.B"  Josh D should be currently digging out from underneath the first "ton of bricks" that I sent out.  It's just a way of me focusing a little while on one trader and then unleashing the whole kitchen sink on them all at once.  Good clean fun.

The next victim may be known to be billed from PTown.  Beware.  You could be next.


  1. What the....? That's one of those flat-rate boxes or something! There may very well be a couple of bricks in there!

  2. I had to call the ambulance...when the TOB is dropped, there are no survivors.