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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jay Barker Fan's Junk Clearinghouse Sweepstakes Giveaway Contest

The time for talking has ceased and the time for picking has arrived!  Below you will see a collection of 25 prizes.  Below that you will see the draft order that was determined after three randomizations.  I ask that after you see the prizes that you shoot me a list of three or four things that you would be interested in order of preference.  Let's begin.
Prize 1-Baseball
Prize 2-Baseball Rookies
Prize 3-Hockey
Prize 4-Cube of Mystery
Prize 5-Mysterious Box
Prize 6-Baseball Autos Galore
Prize 7-Bell Auto Lot
Prize 8-Patch/Auto/Jersey/#'d
Prize 9-Graded Card
Prize 10-Vintage Lot
Prize 11-Multiplicity
Prize 12-Pudge and Bags
Prize 13-Wood
Prize 14-Mixed Bag
Prize 15-Football Goodies
Prize 16-A pretty famous card
Prize 17-Juiced Up
Prize 18-Hoop it Up
Prize 19-Shoot for the Moon
Prize 20-Ink,Wood, and Fabric
Prize 21-Shiny and Gu
Prize 22-Football a palooza
Prize 23-Wrasslin
Prize 24-Hoopin it Up 2
Prize 25-2 Very Nice Patches

#1-PTown Tom selects Prize #5 Box of Mystery
#2-Matt selects Prize #4 Cube of Mystery
#3 Irondeqoit36 selects Prize #20 Ink, Wood,  & Fabric
#4 Spiegel selects Prize #7 Bell Auto Lot 
#5 Nick selects Prize #16 A Pretty Famous Card
#6 Backstop Cards selects Prize #13 Wood
#7 Chris Reed selects Prize #10 Vintage Lot
#8 Steve D selects Prize #6 Baseball Autos Galore
#9-Lost Collector selects Prize #1 Baeball
#10-Jedi Jeff selects Prize #12 Pudge and Bags
#11-Play at the Plate selects Prize #21 Shiny and GU
#12-Josh D selects Prize #25 2 Very Nice Patches
#13-Richard Nebe selects Prize #8 Patch Jersey #'d
#14-Stealing Home selects Prize # 19 Shoot the Moon
#15-Brian Conrad selects Prize # 15 Football Goodies
#16-Jafronius selects Prize #14 Mixed Bag
#17-Bo selects Prize #2 Baseball Rookies
#18-Wilson selects Prize #17 Juiced up
#19-GCRL selects Prize #22 FootballaPalooza
#20-Fuji selects Prize #3 Hockey
#21-Dimwit selects Prize #9 Graded Card
#22-Big Bern 28 selects Prize #


  1. It's like playing "Let's Make a Deal!"
    I could go with the known, but I could go with the Cube of Mystery or the Mysterious Box. But, maybe, just maybe, it's a Zonk. What do to?

  2. After much deliberation, Tom Selects #5-The Mystery Box.

    Matt is on the clock.

  3. 25 Prizes, I'm Number two, and he picksteh one I was going to go after.

    That being said, I'll take the other "Mystery," in cube form (Number 4)

    1. Sorry, Matt. I couldn't help myself. That darned cube even has a bow on it!

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  5. It was a toss up , I wanted #4 but Kyle wanted #20..Thanks go to Matt for making this one easy...#20 please..

  6. Spiegel selects Prize 7-Bell Auto Lot. Nick is up to bat.

  7. I shall take Lot #16 -- A Pretty Famous Card. The "Cube of Mystery" sounded pretty neat, but a Brett rookie sounds better!


  8. #5 Nick selects Prize #16 A Pretty Famous Card
    #6 Backstop Cards selects Prize #13 Wood
    #7 Chris Reed selects Prize #10 Vintage Lot
    #8 Steve D selects Prize #6 Baseball Autos Galore

    AJ the Lost Collector is up to bat!

  9. AJ selects Prize 1 Baseball. Jedi Jeff is up!

  10. Sorry - I've been drunk. No wait....I WISH I was drunk. That's it.

    I will claim Bags and Pudge. Or as you like to say "Pudge and Bags".

  11. I'll take 21 and that shiny Hank Blalock! Thanks!

  12. I got my #2 choice with the #12 pick -- not too shabby! Thanks a ton!

  13. We are up to Jafronius pick. I expect it shortly.

  14. Hey, going with #14 - Mixed Bag. Thanks again!

  15. Let's go with #17. You may all boo me now.

  16. I'll go with #3... thanks for the contest!

  17. Replies
    1. You got it!

      Draft is now complete. I will be packaging and try to have everyone in the mail by next Friday!