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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Opportunity 20 belongs to...

We have nineteen seats filled at the table.  They belong to:
PTown Tom
Steve D
Brian Conrad
Lost Collector
Matt Pederson
Chris Reed
Josh D
Backstop Cards
Big Bern 28
Richard Nebe Jr.
Play at the Plate

It's time to fill #20

Congratulations to BO!!

Only one more valuable seat remains in my Clearinghouse Sweepstakes Giveaway Contest....Or does it.

I'm going to allow for two more entrants.  The first will be chosen by the wicked randomizer.  Slot two will be chosen by me.  The criteria will be solely my decision based off of your entry for this last slot.  Tell me why you would like to be in!  I will pick the most logical and empassioned plea.  So Jump in if you want one of the last two slots in what I promise should be a lot of FUN.


  1. Lucky Number 7! Thank Randomizer, next time I shall hit the powerball! I just want to be in it for the fun. But if someone wants it more I will give up my spot.

  2. Sigh. Towards the bottom again. I think I should be chosen because it makes it that much easier for the other 21 entrants to not finish last.

  3. Hi!

    I want in because I like cards.

  4. OK...trying once again. <--not impassioned, since randomizers don't care about that sort of thing.

    Impassioned --> I've been striking out too much these days, and gosh darn it, at least I gotta catch some luck on the hobby side of things!
    (That was just in case the randomizer was listening)

  5. I'm in for the final spot.

    Why should you choose me, should it come to that? I have a kickass beard.

  6. Im in again too.

    And I don't need an impassioned plea. Because the randomizer loves me. It loved me the previous twenty times too, it's just playing hard to get. It's OK randomizer, I still love you. For now.

  7. Count me in, once again.

    My plea: I'm a lot of fun at parties, enjoy long walks on the beach, and have been known sweep the stakes.

  8. So why should I be in? It's interesting you bring up such an idea - I have thought about it all these 19 past entries. Each time the post goes up, I hear this soul searching voice asking "Jeff, why do you want to be on this list". The voice haunts me night and day. I say haunt, because I have struggled to answer that question. What is my reason? Why do I have drive to attempt time and time again to "make the list"? It's one of those questions that tears down to the core, shredding the nerve ends and causing intense emotional pain and strife. And yet, it's a question that MUST be answered. One cannot travel through life with such an open quandary becoming this infection in my subconscious. If I am to grow and mature; if I am to continue this road of life in front of me, I must walk it free of doubt, or ultimately that same stress will consume me from within, causing me to wilt in the world. Yet, it's quite possible my journey it approaching its apex. Through intense effort, I begin to see far clearer than I have in weeks. I am certain now what compels me to take the adventure with the other 19 brave men:

    Boobs. It's most certainly because of boobs.

    1. Jeff lost me somewhere around "emotional pain and strife". No worries though, as he found me again at "boobs".

  9. Count me in! Why? I say why not?