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Friday, November 23, 2012


Welcome to another episode of Free Card Friday! Not quite as big a haul as last week but still two winners this week!

 Albert Belle 1993 Pinnacle Slugfest
Darin Erstad 1998 Stadium Club Never Compromise
Chris Sale 2011 Thick Gold
Nyjer Morgan 2008 UD Rookie
Ian Kennedy 2011 Topps Sparkle
Fergie Jenkins 2011 Topps 60
Fernando Rodney /Barry Wesson 2003 Fleer Double Header Mini
Ross Ohlendorf 2008 UD Timeline SP Die Cut Prospects
Miguel Cabrera 2011 Lineage Mini
Cory Hahn 2009 UD USA Future Watch Jersey Autograph 217/899

Finally here's a bonus...This Vidro is #'d to 100. Guess the serial #.   Closest without going over gets Jose AS WELL as a free entry into my upcoming Trade Bait Draft. 7 Spots till available.
(Hint...the # is not 001 or 100)

Entries run through next Thursday 5PM Central.


  1. Fun! I will guess he is number 24 out of 100.


  2. I think the true hint lies within the time stamp of the picture of the card in question: 2012-03-28.
    20+12+3+28 = 63. Yeah, it must be numbered 063/100!

  3. Tony Gwynn has never failed me... so #19

  4. Hmmm..... Howz about 46 for Mr. Vidro.

  5. Greetings!

    Please allow me entry into your contest. Thanks for having these! I will guess #12 for Vidro.

  6. I would like in the contest please! O36 on the Vidro!