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Friday, November 30, 2012

Draft update, Free card Friday, winners etc.

Sorry for the short script. Jammed for time today.  I will be delaying Free Card Friday until sunday evening.

Here are your winners for last week:

The FCF winner is Brad's blog!!  Pretty sure I have your addy. Still might want to send it to me if you have a sec.

The winner of the Vidro was also going to receive a free entry into my next card draft but due to lack of interest I have cancelled for now.  I will throw in some extra goodies for that winner and if I ever have another card draft I will get you in a free entry.

The winner is.....BO who guessed 65. The correct # is 66/100.

Also giving a prize to P town Tom who had a magnificent theory and almost nailed it!! Good job to all three winners.

See you Sunday!

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