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Saturday, November 3, 2012

COMC Haul-Post 2-The Josh Willingham Explosion

Everytime I think I'm out, the Willingham's drag me back in. Quite a haul this time. Check them out!  Anyone have any auto, gu, or #'d cards of the "Willinghammer"?
 2 Beautiful Blue Heroes Both with Stripe /200
2 Single Swatch UD Jerseys-one with Stripe
 Josh shares this four swatch with Burrell, Man Ram, and Magglio
 Quite an Awesome Card-8 Swatcher
Burnett,Beckett, Lowell,and Willingham
 Hanley/Josh Johnson/Hermida/Uggla + the COA Card
 Bowman Blue /520
 Bowman Orange /250
 2 Emerald Greens from UD Heroes /499
 The Plethora of 2012's-The Base-Canary-Blue-Red-Mini
2011 Gold and 06 Rookie Chrome /599

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