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Saturday, November 3, 2012


Yes, I know it's Saturday!  But Friday was too hectic this week so here is your weekly helping of giveaway goodness.  You know the drill. Just comment to enter and pimp if you like for an extra entry.  Entries will close at Tuesday 5PM Central.  Last week I was looking for 25 unique entries and didn't quite get there.  But I'm digging this concept and hope you are too! So...the amount of individual entries this week will equal the amount of cards for next Friday's episode.  Here are your goodies this week:
 The Captain 2011 Ginter
A Topps Chrome Refractor 2010 Rookie of DBacks Pitcher Cesar Valdez /499
 Chad Qualls 2010 Topps Update
Cesar Izturis 2008 Update(Wow Two Cesars in one giveaway!
 Rich Hill 2008 Goudey (Wonder what Ken Griffey would say about him?)
Victor Martinez 08 UD SP Authentic
 LBJ 2009 Goodwin Champions
Ronny Cedeno 2010 Topps
Bucky "Freakin" Dent 2007 UD Masterpieces

So enter away...
Here are two bonuses if you read this far.

Take a guess at the serial # on the Valdez.  Closest without going over will get some goods as well.

  Also give me your best guess at what Ken Griffey Jr. might say about Rich Hill.  The response that makes me laugh the hardest will score as well.


  1. 303/499

    Griffey: This Kid Rich Hill has got a greta bender, but I bent it out of Great American Ballpark.

  2. I'm in this week. I'll let you know - if none of the cards you offer on Friday thrill me, I won't enter so I don't possibly win stuff that I don't care about. But this week? Jeffy likey.

    And my two guess:
    Valdez = 313/499
    Griffey "Hill can be a solid star in the rotation for a double-A team."

  3. Valdez is 272/499

    Ken griffey Jr says "i got nothin'."

  4. Count me in!


    Griffey says: "Hey Upper Deck, you aren't paying me to actually say something. I am just here to look like I am about to say something."

  5. I'm in


    Ken Griffey says - Man, I'd hate to see the Poor Hill.

  6. sorry lets try this again:

    1. 420/499
    2. Ken Griffey Jr. says - "Who the Hell is Rich Hill?"

  7. Ooh, do I spy a President?!

    Serial #: 5/499

    Ken Griffey Jr. says "Rich is lucky he's pretty"

  8. I'm in.
    # 334/499
    Ken Griffey Jr- "Rich Hill? More like Poor Hill."

  9. #288/499

    KGJ: "Isn't that that weird thing in Houston's outfield now?"

  10. I'm in. I'm thinking 217 for the serial numba.

    And as my name is also Rich,

    "I thought Rich Hill played rugby? Who knew he could Pitch!"