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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Some retail therapy

If anyone is still out there reading...crickets...I 'm firing the blog back up and trying to shake off my trade bait draft rust.

I had some good fortune and won a contest at work. The decision was made by me to drop it on cardboard.  I haven't dipped into retail repacks in a while. They can be addictive. Usually there is no pay off at the end but it's usually good clean fun and no one but me gets hurt.

Let's look at what $40 bucks can get us in repack glory this Saturday afternoon! I will provide comments where appropriate and inappropriate.
 Don't get too excited. The box clearly states that the cards pictured may not be inside. Damn shame, I was really hoping for that Babe Ruth Bat Card! Usually my hit is a graded card...ugh.
Ryan Braun is this box's cover boy. Yikes...
 Various Topps Participants to this party
 Upper Deck Miscellanea
 Insert Ryan Braun Joke (HERE)
 Topps Chrome loves Ryan Howard
 I love the Masterpieces. Always have-Always will
 Freddie Freeman will you bring me luck
 Now we are into the contents of the "GEM" box. Oh great, there's Braun again.
 More Topps stuff
 Tristar-I've never opened this before, game on.
 OOOOOh, the mystery. At least it doesn't appear to be a graded card.
 Another shot of the mystery cardboard, What could be inside.
 Some of my favorites. Viva Livan and sliding Josh!
 Is this guy still a big deal.
 The black inserts from O Pee Chee.
 Chrome Produces Mr. Bloody Sock and his Blue Refractor Twin.
 Some vintage...reprints lol.
 Miscellanea...El Cabello + the only guy I've heard of from the Tristar
 OOOO. Star Quest
 Die Cut...
 These shinies are cool. Maddux especially
 O gosh. Yankees. Who would want this foolishness
 Love the masterpieces€
 At least there were four numbered cards. But two of them were Yankees and Mets
 Some neat rookie finds...Tulo, Ubaldo, Longo, McCutcheon, and Lincecum
 The hit which turned out to be an auto. Was a very pleasant surprise!
If I'm gonna grade this haul, I guess I will go with C++. The Gorman kinda saved it for me.  Most of this filth is available if anyone wants to trade today.


  1. Not too bad at all. I got one of these, which came with an underwhelming Brian Giles auto. But I DID pull an Ernie Banks blue framed parallel out of masterpieces, numbered to just 75, so it wasn't a total loss for me.

    But really, you get these just for the fun of opening a variety of packs anyway.

    1. Correction. It was MARCUS Giles. But does it matter, really?

    2. The Banks would have been cool. Is the Giles in Braves uni?

  2. Yankee legacy stadium ! Always feel free to put them on my draft pile :-)

  3. Crud, I wanted that Ali-Norton for my boxing collection.

    Maybe we can work out something for the Yaz at least.

  4. I can use the two New York sn'd cards.

  5. I hope you got some therapy from it. Mail those draft packages and put it in your rear view mirror my friend.

  6. Hey! I just got the cards you sent me. Thanks for the lot!