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Friday, July 1, 2016

Taking a look at wrestling subscription box.....Have Mercy!

Let's take a look at box 3 of 4 that I tried this month for wrestling subscription services:

 This one came courtesy of Pro Wrestling Crate.  I knew that the Hardcore Icon Mick Foley was affiliated with this service.  I didn't know what to expect on this one.  Let's take a look!
 A very neat Mr. Socko Dude Love Pen
 A Dude Love Air Freshener
 Dude Love Button
 A Spotify invitation to some of Micks summer favorites
 Some groovy Dude shades
 I did like this fold out poster
The shirt is pretty fun.

Professionalism-5 Stars
Nice information card and well branded with all Dude Love stuff

Value-3 Stars
At $29.99 it's not a huge spend.  I love Mick Foley so it was cool for me.  I just don't know is it Mick stuff each and every month

Cool Factor-3.5 Stars
Again I love the Hardcore Legend and will enjoy this Dude Love gear but I'm not sure if it's Mick Foley stuff each time or if this was just a summer of Love exclusive.  Either way I'm going to give it one more try....Have Mercyyyyyyyyy(But not Waylon Mercy)


  1. I sure hope it's not Foley stuff every month. Can't imagine this subscription box lasting very long if it is. I mean... c'mon. How much personal stuff can he actually have laying around? Hope he doesn't start giving away personal clothes. Or wait... maybe that would be considered a collectible. How much do you think Mick Foley used underwear would sell for on eBay?