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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Another collecting directional change for the JBF Junkpile

My collecting direction seems to be ever changing.  I feel the need to follow what I truly am interested in to keep my interest piqued.  With that being said,  I already pressed the pause button on my Braves collecting and I while back and now I am pressing the delete button on another today. 

Truly I enjoy keeping up with the Bringer of Rain but I am stopping my quest of Josh Donaldson cards at this time.  His stuff is just too hot and there is just so much competition for it too. 

The decision has been made at this time to focus on these three collections:

Anything and everything Josh Willingham
Mike Wilks Hardcourt Heroes Jersey Cards
Steve Woodard 1994 Signature Rookies Autograph Cards

Even though I'm not currently attached to the supertraders group I'm still actively keeping my eyes open for interesting things.  While I am paring down a lot of my collection I am very soon going to be re-engaging with the top three collections full speed.  Thanks to all that continue to read this blog when I post and support my collecting endeavors.  Keep on chasing your cardboard dreams!


  1. I don't know what you have... but if you're looking to unload your Donaldsons, shoot me an email.

  2. Cool, I've been thinking about starting a little Donaldson PC myself but felt conflicted about not sending his cards to you.

    Are you still working on the Desert Shield graded cards? Not that I have any to send you, but just curious.

  3. Remind me to never ride in a car with you. You change directions so much I would probably get whiplash.

    Thanks, I'll be here all week. Tip your waitresses and try the veal.

  4. Whew! I always get a little worried about a post like this. What in the world would I do with all of these Willingham cards in my trade box if you stopped chasing the WIllinghammer?

    1. Oh no sir. I am the Willingham guy! Call Josh and tell him if he needs some cards to call me lol. Willinghammermania runnin wild brotherrrrrrrr

  5. Shoot. Just sent you those and had more saved for you. Will start my Willingham lookout instead

  6. Let me know if that autograph project is kaput. I have a stack I've been piling up for you.