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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Reviewing the fourth of four wrestling subscription boxes

This has been a fun month of receiving wrestling subscription boxes.  It's time to take a look a the final offering from Wrestlecrate.com

 Some nice branded goodies.  A mouse pad and a key chain lanyard
 A neat pink shirt
 This DVD is a star to me.  I look forward to seeing AJ at his bullet club best!
 I must admit I have a few WWE Pop Vinyls but not the Warrior!  Score
A well traveled NXT competitor 8x10

Professionalism-4 Stars
I'll probably use the keychain for something but I don't use a mousepad.  Nice Branding though.

Value-3 Stars
At $37.49 you have to be hoping for a homeun.  I wouldn't have minded having a different shirt.  Feels like this one didn't quite knock it out of the park

Cool Factor-3.5 Stars
This DVD is one I really will enjoy sitting down with.  The 8x10 was decent.  The Warrior was a nice get for me.

I have decided to give all four subscriptions another try and see what I can score.  Would you like to see me keep sharing?


  1. That shirt is amazing, I was a huge Bret Hart fan.

  2. Heel Bret Hart is one of my favorite all time wrestlers.

    Please continue to share. Love seeing the contents of these subscription boxes

  3. Nice stuff Wes :)

    Not sure if you saw,my tweet but keep an eye out in your mail box :)

  4. Please, keep sharing. I've always been tempted by subscription boxes so the more I see the better.

  5. Love these posts! I need to find me an Ultimate Warrior Funko Pop. Very cool.