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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some goodies from a couple of Dodger buddies

It's time to share some of these maildays before I move onto the next phase here at the jbf blog.

Today lets look at some cardboard shared from a couple of Dodger faithful!

Oscar from Stealing Home came to the plate with these goodies:
 A little Tebow magic!  I wish he would've made it but hey some things just aren't meant to be.
 A nice mini relic
 Oscar contributed a couple of autos to the Auto project which I have decided to move on from!  Still nice ink though!
 This is one I know I'll be keepin!  Neshek always makes me smile!

Jim, aka GCRL, is no longer blogging but he is still trading and sending.  He dropped a nice load on me!
 A very nice selection of Bravos
 Some mascots!
 The Bringer of Rain!  I will still be on the lookout for his cards.  So if they need a home I'm still a taker as well as Josh Willinghams.
 The first pair of IP Autos
 Round 2

 Laying on the Dodger ink!
 Love the Leaf Signatures....One day I may chase this set!

 Loving these Braves Autos

 My fave was definitely the Belliard!

Thank you both gentlemen for this awesome selection!


  1. I agree on the Leaf Signatures. It's a set that proves simple is best.

  2. Awesome on the Leaf Signatures! Big 90's fan.

    I think I got my answer within on this post. I will look for a few other things :)

  3. It would be a project to chase some of those 90's auto sets, but it would be awesome to try.

  4. Those '73's are nice. Always was a fan of that set.