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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Mailbox visit from Heman, Walker, and a piece of World Series History

I have a feeling this is going to be a very good day at the mailbox.  Lets start it out today with two great packages.

First, a package came from my good pal AJ over at the Lost Collector Blog-http://thelostcollector.blogspot.com/

AJ runs a great blog spotlighting his Yankee pickups.  I try to contribute when I can.  AJ sent me some 2012 cards I had put an all call out for a while back.  He also sent me this AMAZING Braves card to add to my PC.
Thanks bro.  Keep an eye on your mailbox as I'm pretty sure you will have some Yankee excitement in there very soon.

The second piece of magic came courtesy of Matt from Cardboard Connundrum-http://cardboardconundrum.blogspot.com/

Matt and I have been exchanging some mail of late as well.  Matt took me up on my current Send me your Vintage offer.  I offered up, among other cards, a Jose Macias Cubbie Printing Plate.  Matt jumped on board and sent me these two pieces of Vintage Gold:
 To answer your question Matt, yes sir, this was plenty in return.  Thanks!! They are going in my vintage vault.
Ironically enough, I was actually watching Texas Ranger when I opened the package.  Absolutely magic.  Thanks for the trade!


  1. That Brian Jordan card is AWESOME!! I think I have a Chipper from that set. I already like collecting game-used base cards, but throw in a Braves player and a piece of the World Series and you've got yourself a gem!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Brian Jordan! Thanks again for your constant kindness with Yanks cards!