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Saturday, April 21, 2012

JBF Presidential Circle of Excellence Inductee Numero Uno

A while back, I stated that as the president of this blog that I wished to acknowledge a few fellow bloggers.  A Hall of Fame simply will not do. Therefore, today and for the next four days, I will be inducting the first five members into my presidential circle of excellence.  How in the hell does one garner this induction honor?  Two simple criteria exist:

Criterion A:  I dig your blog. Maybe it's shiny.  Maybe it's well written. Maybe it's the subject matter. Simply put, I enjoy it for whatever reason.

Criterion B:  You are a swell human being.  Maybe we have traded. Maybe not. Needless to say-I consider you amongst the blogging friend elite.

Without further ado.....I present the first member of the first class of the JBF Presidential Circle of Excellence


 AJ runs a great blog. I dig it. He showcases his favorite player often and his favorite team always.  He posts frequently. Always courteous and appreciative to his readers.  A quality human being.

Check him out here:

Congratulations AJ!  You will be receiving your induction package in the near future.


  1. Wow, didn't expect to see my name when I checked this out. Thanks for the very kind words, Wes!