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Monday, April 23, 2012

JBF Presidential Circle of Excellence Number Four

A while back, I stated that as the president of this blog that I wished to acknowledge a few fellow bloggers.  A Hall of Fame simply will not do. Therefore, this week, I will be inducting the first five members into my presidential circle of excellence.  How in the hell does one garner this induction honor?  Two simple criteria exist:

Criterion A:  I dig your blog. Maybe it's shiny.  Maybe it's well written. Maybe it's the subject matter. Simply put, I enjoy it for whatever reason.

Criterion B:  You are a swell human being.  Maybe we have traded. Maybe not. Needless to say-I consider you amongst the blogging friend elite.

Without further ado.....I present the fourth member of the first class of the JBF Presidential Circle of Excellence


Mark's blog was actually the first card blog that I ever read.  I picked up on his posts from CCW and I've been on board ever since.  He runs a great yearly contest and his blog is one of the timeliest around when it comes to covering current events and how they relate to his blog.  He is a teacher-I can relate as I was too.  He is also a giver, which I also dig.  Congratulations Mark!!

Check Mark's blog out here:


  1. Can't disagree here. Fuji's blog is phenomenal.

  2. Thanks Wes... can't believe I was late to my own party. I truly appreciate the honor of being in your circle of excellence.

    The Lost Collector - thanks for the kind words too.

    Both of you guys have awesome blogs yourself!