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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Final additions to the AREA 40 Pack Stack

The time has come to share the final additions to the Stack. 

Should be a fun shiny break
 Found a great deal on these. Added a couple of handfuls to the break
 Opened these a long time ago and seemed like worth adding to the pile
 A shot at a big one with the Bar
 On my list since the beginning. Had to have the Original Pie in this break
 Let's learn together what Titanium has to offer
 The High End Tennis Product
 Six mini boxes full of hits

I'll see you again on the 21st for the contest post and then on the 25th will be posting all day.  Still need an address from one participant-TSHENSON!


  1. I cannot find your email address. Would you be able to give it to me so I can email you my address?

  2. The BAR? I haven't heard of that one. Should be fun!

  3. Dude. This is going to be quite the bang. I've always wanted to bust a box of Topps American Pie. And that Bar box looks interesting.

  4. Definitely some I've never seen. These should be a lot of fun.

  5. This is going to be completely insane.