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Saturday, December 15, 2018

A bucket card list

This year I have been stacking packs and boxes to facilitate an explosive finish to my collecting career and the blog.  The decision was made early on that I would pick up some cards along the way as a bit of a going away present for myself. I'm pretty happy with the things I decided to add as the final pieces in my collection.

I've always been a fan of the Tugger and when I saw this patch I knew I wanted this one
 One last WILLINGHAMMER 1/1 for the road
 When these Chicken cards appeared a few years back I knew when the price was right the time would be right
 Love the WCW autos. There a couple of boxes in the Megabreak that could yield an elusive auto but I decided to remove the risk and jump on one I really wanted- THE SARGE
 A bit of a curiosity I know but it was cool enough to put on my list
Equal time for the ladies! I loved Molly
 Check out that kiss card. Gorgeous
 All red everything
 Man...do I adore Kristen Bell
 I have such a long search story for the first Taker auto card. Let's just say I have been after it forever
 Rest in Peace
 Ooooooooo yeah. A piece I will never let leave my grasp
 The card I never thought I'd have finally comes home at the end. Condition not an issue for me
 The next three are the cards I super collect and will continue in retirement
 If you ever see one of these three
 Please give me a shot

Thanks for checking out my show off cards today. Come back and visit on the 18th for the final boxes added to AREA 40 and on the 21st for a contest tied to my Christmas break.  Then on Christmas I will be posting the hits from my break of all the cards that will be going out to the good kids of the blogosphere!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!


  1. Gotta love Kristen Bell, and that auto card. Nice pickups!

  2. That Willinghammer 1/1 was on my Ebay watch list. I'm glad it wound up in your hands!
    You added some real beauties here, but the SD Chicken was by favorite of this lot!

  3. I'll watch wresting videos on line. Not matches so much as just news or interviews. Every time Molly Holly is mentioned, wrestlers have nothing but total and complete praise and love for her. I always loved her as a wrestler - a real work horse. But love to hear that outside the ring, she was not just an amazing professional and a genuine great person.

  4. Awesome variety here. Love the wrestling stuff!

  5. No way, you got Jerry Koosman's rookie card! I can only hope I'll get that someday.

  6. Incredible batch of cards here.. congrats! That Ted Williams hair is nuts.

  7. Fantastic stuff! The wrestling cards are tremendous.

  8. Gotta say. The Macho Man auto is my fav. Congrats on the Ryan rookie

  9. Man... that is some awesome stuff! Love the Chicken the most. It's such a great looking card... but i've never seen one fall into my price range. And that Nolan Ryan rookie card is fantastic.

    Lol. Never seen anything like that Williams. Hair relic? Very unique. Great stuff all around.

  10. The Chicken relic rules! Thanks for showing off the final purchases!

  11. I'm jealous of you on some of those! I'll have to keep my eye out for one of those Chicken cards. I hope to get a Ryan rookie sometime in the next couple of years too.

  12. That Chicken card is too cool.

    Big Kristen Bell fan myself!

  13. Saw Mighty Molly at a live show once. She's always been a favorite.

    Some really nice cards there.

  14. always good to add some key cards of the hobby. the ryan rookie is a biggie!