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Friday, January 27, 2017

Willinghammers from France by way of New York

Earlier this week my friend Kevin from the Card Papoy alerted me that some Willinghammers were Alabama bound!  He was right on the money because these beauties arrived today!!
 A beautiful array of colors and inserts!
 3 numbered beauties

The centerpiece were these stunning autos.

Kevin you really went all out my friend and i will be sending some return fire your way the next i mail to Mr Bob Walk.  You also earned 28 points in my my year long contest!!!  MERCI MERCI


  1. Wow a ton of great sends there. I have a few kicking around but I won't hit much in point totals lol

  2. This is only the beginning ! I'm just glad you're not a Kris Bryant supercollector..