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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Willinghammer Roundup-Year long contest

I decided recently to become the sole owner of all josh Willingham cards and I would like you to help!

I am thinking a good ole year long contest is in order.  Here is the deets:

1.  Send me any willinghammers you desire!
2.  I will reciprocate with a trade package for you.
3.  Each Willinghammer will gain you points.  Base or inserts will be worth one point each.  #d cards will be worth two points. Gu or auto cards will be worth three points each.  Wow cards will receive a bonus point. Max points for any single card will be four.  Low serial numbers below 100 or multicolor jerseys will get you the wow bonus.  Other things may gain you the wow bonus as well at my discretion.
4.  At the end of the year all that participated will take part in a draft party consisting of cards which i will be revealing each Wednesday. I will also update points on the Wednesday posts.  The draft order will be determined by the points awarded.

Week 1 cards added to the pot:

NOW SEND ME ALL THE WILLINGHAMMERS LOL.  I can be reached at lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com for more information.


  1. Does that mean that a game used autographed and serial numbered card gets 6 points? Or is that a WoW card?

  2. Cool idea! Best of luck.

    I gotta ask.. do customs earn any points? cuz you know that's my wheelhouse.

    1. I have consulted the judges committee. Customs shall earn 2 points each

  3. A year long contest... very interesting. I'm in, now I definitely need to hit a card show because I've already made P-town void of all Willinghammers.

  4. Good idea my friend. This will net you a ton of Willingham's

  5. So you're doing what the Wallach guy did, but with Willinghammers. Awesome - will keep out for any and all.

  6. Cool idea! I will see how many I can gather. Just try not to stick any NY Giants in the prize lot as I want to claim those outside of that haha