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Thursday, November 3, 2016

I control the outcome of World Series games and get paid for it

So big congrats today to all Cubs fans but especially to my cardboard buddy Ptown Tom on the awesomeness.  During the NLCS Tom and I agreed that I wouldn't open a bubbler he had sent me until the end of the series.  As you now know-Cubs Win.  Tom being the great humanitarian he is offered to send me another bubbler in return for my patience.
 Unknown to Tom was the fact that I decided I wanted to control another round of playoffs and give all the Cubs fans what they've been waiting for-so I didn't open it.  Today I let Tom know this fact and decided I would finally crack this offering.
 So happy for Tom!  Glad I could help
 He starts it out innocently enough with this GU auto of the Willinghammer and then..........
Boom!!!! Tom provides the payoff!!!!!

Who wants my help next lol?????

Awesome stuff bro.  Thank you so much for some amazing Willinghams for my collection.  So proud for you.  Guess who now has the longest professional streak....Correct answer....Arizona Cardinals-Anybody know anyone that's an Arizona Cardinal fan?


  1. I'm glad you held off on that 2nd package. The Cubs needed all the help they could get!
    I really liked accumulating that nice little collection of Willinghammers. It was fun to search for the variations!

  2. Holy cow! Great stuff!

    The Cardinals have a good nucleus and David Johnson is a beast. I think they gotta look for a qb after this year though

  3. Great stuff from Tom -- a true gentleman.

  4. They say patience is a virtue and it appears as though they were right!