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Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 6- Get your trade on!

There are things a foot here at JBF headquarters.  Christmas will be here before you know it and I'm a big kid at heart!  Looking to offer up some neat cardboard and score some bubblers to open for Christmas.  Here's how this will work:

-I will be offering up cards for the next 14 days
-Bloggers can claim from 1-5 cards and then you will be unable to claim going forward
-Bloggers can only claim 5 cards.  Once you reach 5 cards you are done.  Once a card is picked it's final but I'm removing the one time only claim.  If you see a card you want today you can claim it so it isn't lost and still pick on future days to fill out your five.  Patience will be a factor as there are going to be lots of outstanding cardboard offered up.  Don't want to jump on something day one and then miss out on something you like even better later.  Gotta be careful
-At the end of the two weeks all remaining cards will be offered again and anyone can claim them
-Cards must be claimed in the comments of the blog post in which they were offered
-In return I ask that you email me at lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com with your mailing addy even if your sure that I have it
-Please do not share what you will send in return.  All of these are things I enjoy-mascot cards, benchwarmers autos/relics/#d, Alabama Alumni, Rare Braves Cards, Arizona Cardinals Autographs, Steve Woodard, Gary Redus, Josh Willingham, oddball gu/relic pieces that are out of the norm, autographs that are out of the norm, wrestling stuff and wacky surprises are also cool.  I will be cool with anything you send but won't open till Christmas.

Let's look at Day 6's offerings.  If you want something from Days 1-5 go back and make your claim now!!!

 Dale Jr Press Pass Confidential, Frank Thomas Black Swatch(White Sox Uni listed as an Athletic), Mike Sweetney Bulls Relic
 Brock Lesnar Record Breaker, Gary Sanchez Bowman Rookie, Lebron James Rise and Shine, Jerry Rice Acetate Boss Squad
Trevor Kidd Be a Player Autograph, Tony Glover Autograph, Stephen Strasburg, Bowman Black Rookie

Claim Away!


  1. No one has claimed that Big Hurt relic? FOOLS!!!!


    1. I was gonna, but figured I'd let you have first shot. I'm sort of like a hero, when you think about it.

  2. My mask collection could use that Trevor Kidd auto. Throw that in as well.

  3. Just lost out to the MJ insert lol, will snag the rice for my 90's pc

  4. I'll claim the Sanchez. Thanks!