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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Things I get from Bob Walk and what I'm going to do about it


There's this guy named Matthew Scott, aka Nom de Plume is Bob Walk the Plank. 

Mr Walk and I have been involved in some shenanigans before...

Then this is the kind of stuff that shows up in Hazel Green from Morgantown------
 Just a bat
Just a signed bat of my favorite player!!!  Holy Bat Batman

So our time of peace.....its over.  It was announced earlier by mutual cardboard acquaintance-Tony of Off Hiatus, that its on and its on brother. "The Lawyer"  is one of the great story framers in the blogging game and he laid out my declaration of war here. Buckle that chin strap its time for cardboard war.  I've got lots of tricks and heavy artillery that I've been saving up Bobby Walk and I'm aiming all armaments to Morgantown #warpart2 #Septembertoremember

I'm not even sure it's worth you trying to fight back my friend.


  1. Holy sh*t I cannot wait to sit back and watch you two go at it again.

  2. My mailings to you seem piddly to his lol. But, I try lol. Nice pickup and let the bombing begin!

  3. I'll fight back, it won't do much good....but I'll fight. Peace never lasts.

  4. At least the war has its origins with a beautiful bat!

  5. MAtt always manages to find THE coolest item possible to send and bring smiles all around. Amazing ! And ooooooh this is exciting

  6. I've got six bags of microwave popcorn and I'm ready to see the response to this amazing piece of memorabilia.