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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Lost Collector drops the Willinghammer

My good pal AJ sent me a package a while pack that had some great variety.  Braves, Cardinals, Donaldson were all represented.  The blog direction has since changed so today I'm going to show off the quality Willinghammers that AJ sent my way:

 The Balcony ticket is #'d 001/250
 Josh and miniature Pink 25/25 Companion
 That UD is #'d to 99
 #'d to 499 on the Blue Framed GQ
AJ believes those cracked ice are limited to 25 and I turn no down no Willingham autos...ever

AJ thank you for a very nice mailing.  I hope ya''ll are getting settled in at the new place.  Will be hitting you back soon


  1. That GQ is a great image. Put that on a full bleed and that would be a sweet card.

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  2. Glad you enjoyed! Hope you needed a few of them.