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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Picking up an All Time Wantlist Item

As NWA fan fest in Charlotte draws closer and I prepare to have my coolest wrestling experience ever I must share this bucket list item that I picked up recently.  I remember when I first learned that there were WCW Galoob figures that were issued in Great Britain but not in the states. Back then as a kid I could only look at pictures in a magazine and never dreamed I would have a chance to own any of them.  I really wanted two particular ones-The Fabulous Freebirds!  Fast forward to 2016
 Michael PS Hayes
 Jimmy Jam Garvin

Now thanks to ebay and a great seller from the UK I can take a trip to Badstreet whenever I desire!


  1. it's great to cross things off that lifelong want list! well done1

  2. Congrats! One of these years I will finally hunt down that one GI Joe figure I've been chasing since circa 1992.

  3. Nice! I am always in the hunt for Darkwing Duck and TMNT figures from the 90s. Missing all lol

  4. Gotta love eBay and how they've made almost every collectible you can think of at your fingertips. Congratulations!