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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Breakdown of Epic Proportions

Let's get this out of the way right off the jump.  I am about the 1000th guy to praise Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown for his artistry and amazing custom work.  Out of selfishness I asked Gavin if he would consider taking on a project for me and he was kind enough to help me out.  I'm not of his process but here is an idea of what I asked for-I was hoping that Gavin could create a Jay Barker Custom but not just any.  This custom would fill in a blank on the Jay Barker cardboard anthology.  I was asking for Gavin to customize a couple of cards to memorialize Jay's less than memorable XFL tour.  Surely you remember the circus that was the XFL.  Well Gavin took my request and just went miles above and beyond. 

First of all, Gavin surprised me with these 3 awesome Willinghammer Royals Customs!!!!! Someone get me a drool towel. You are right on the money my friend-Josh did need more Royals cardboard!

 Now to the epicness-Gavin nailed the basecard custom
 Both front and back!!

The autograph card came out great and he sent it Jay to get it signed!!!  A top treasured item is now in the PC.  I'm not sure how Gavin phrased his auto request to Jay. Maybe........  "Hey Mr. Barker-this shadowy blogosphere figure desires your autograph...you better comply or he is going to bip you with Gary Redus cards!"
 He missed the Auto spot but I don't even care!
 Simply gorgeous
Gavin-You are a legend in my book sir!  I can't begin to tell you how impressed and geeked I was for these.  You are the man.  Can't say Thank you enough bud!  I have these letters that I've been meaning to mail to ya and I'll have them out this week.


  1. gavin does great work. great adds for your pc's!

    1. He's the best amateur in the busines. Actually, he's so good I think he may have earned professional status when Topps sent him that cease and desist letter.

  2. Wow - the XFL... there's a blast from the past! Those customs turned out a million times better than the league did!

  3. Glad you like! You've hooked me up with some incredible card packages over the past few years, so I'm happy to jump at any chance to return the favor. Anything you need custom-wise, just say the word.

  4. Sweet customs Gavin! Congratulations Wes... these are excellent additions to your collection.