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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Welcome to the autograph hording portion of the show

In my first post back, I alluded to the fact that I was going to be pursuing a more autograph centric collection this year.  Some asked what I meant by that.  It's nothing too fancy really.  I'm just going to start an autograph pc and see how fat I can get that binder this year.  I'll be looking for any team or any player in this quest.  No elaborate contest or anything to drive this.  I will just be willing to trade for autos in bulk this year.  So if you have some laying around that you don't have a use for then I might be your guy.  I will track how the binder grows and who has contributed on the left side of the page.  I thought this afternoon I might display one of the newer cards for the autograph binder.  It was a redemption that I've been waiting on since mid September.

Not a bad start to add Lebron's running buddy to the binder.  Let the additions begin!  Hope you all enjoy Championship Sunday!


  1. I have a couple o can trade your ways friend

  2. I've got a bunch of autographs I'd be happy to send your way. Email me your addy. bstryker81 at gmail dot com

  3. I should definitely be able to hook you up with a few.

  4. i will definitely be sending some your way...