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Monday, January 19, 2015

A Christmas Gift from Brads55

Brad has been a trading buddy for a long time.  He's a solid dude.  We had talked about exchanging some cards for Christmas and he dropped the hammer on me this past week.  He dropped Expos, Braves, Mavericks, Cardinals, a mascot, and more onto my plate.  Here are just a few of the goodies he sent my way.
 The vintage is delicious.  I wonder how big a package I could mail with a Manny Mota stamp?
 It makes me sad that Fitz is probably going somewhere else next season but who could blame him.  So many years of great service. A+ Player, A+Guy
 This looks like Simmons is coming to get me.  What a great piece of Cardinals History!
This may have been the gem of the group. It's one of the box score relicy things of the new HOF'er Big Unit.  I LOVE this card!  His first game was against the Pirates.  The Box Score lists Gary Redus as having an error.  That must have been a mistake!

Brad-Thanks to you buddy for a great package of goodies!


  1. I remember watching Fitzgerald when he was at Pitt. Probably the second best wide receiver I've ever seen in person behind Randy Moss.