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Friday, February 14, 2014

Technicolor Frankenset Update 1-2/14/14

Happy Valentines Day!!

3 Generous folks have already contributed to the Technicolor Frankenset!

PTown Tom came to the table with 2 Red Parallels
Zenus from PC came through with 2 Green Parallels and 1 Blue
JWGreen from CCW surprised me with three blues!

As of 2/14 I have the following cards in parallel form.  I  am seeking any card not on this list in any parallel color:

Thanks to everyone who has contributed!  If you have unwanted 2014 Topps Colored Parallels please keep me in mind!  I will do the best to return the favor!

Contest Entries as of 2/14
Zenus               3 Entries
JWGreen          3 Entries
PTown Tom     2 Entries

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