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Friday, February 7, 2014

Some 2014 Topps Thoughts without pictures

I'm sure the blogosphere is starting to overdose on 2014 Topps. But I'm sure someone is dying to know my thoughts lol. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on where you stand, I won't be able to post any 2014 Topps Pictures. My digital camera is acting up. But anywho, I do have some thoughts:

Still haven't seen any flagship at local Target stores-Wonder why?

I've checked three different ones.

I don't like so many horizontal cards.  Also way too many multiplayer cards for my taste!

I don't mind the Future Stars gimmick. But it's not bowling me over either.

The inserts don't really do it for me.

Collation in the Cereal Boxes seems horrible.

I actually like the parallels. Even the yellow ones! I even have a project in mind for said parallels-COMING SOON

The odds on the Power Players Parallels do not seem right at all. 1:3 in the product I busted but so far the odds are at 1:10.

I'm not far from finishing the set. Just need to put together my checklist. If you've read this far then I salute you. Please comment with your utmost contempt for TOPPS.

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