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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Post 450-Looking Forward-4 Goals

I'm already starting to look forward to 2014.  Wonder if I'm the only one with some 2014 goals already in place.  I have four big goals in my mind. 

1.  Complete 2014 Topps-I have toyed with completing the flagship set for a couple of years and haven't followed through.  This year I feel driven to get it done.

2.  Complete 1969 Topps-I made some big strides this year but need to get this thing done next year.

3.  Complete 1989 UD-Just got started but I bet it can be done.
4.  Trim the herd-  I want to get rid of everything that doesn't fit into my personal collection.  This means lots of organizing, sorting, and shipping.  My plan is to give it all away this year.

Who else is looking ahead?  What are your goals?


  1. Good idea. I don' t know...yet, but you've got me thinking.

  2. I'm curious to see how I fared on my goals for 2013. As for 214, I too will be looking to get rid of as many cards as possible that don't fit into my pc. Just wayyyy too much stuff around the house.

  3. You don't have a '69 want list laying around somewhere, do you?