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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trade Bait Draft Version 3.0 is Live-Draft Order included

Scan sucks but here is the draft order where it can actually be read!

1.  Spiegel
2.  Adam
3.  Dustin
4.  BA Benny
5.  Daddyoho
6.  Ryan G
7.  BA Benny
8.  Wicked
9.  Dave
10. Brad
11. Diamond King

Here is your Draft List:

  1. Matt Leinart(FB) 06 Press Pass Big Numbers Insert

  2. Corey Dillon 05 Score Glossy Parallel

  3. Michael Irvin 1990 Pro set

  4. Chris Long 08 Press Pass Prime time Players Insert
  5. Ernie Wheelwright 08 Absolute Spectrum Red Rookie
  6. Lamar Woodley 07 Bowman Chrome Rookie

  7. Brian Urlacher 05 ESPN Plays of the Week Insert
  8. Rick Carlisle(Basketball) 06 Topps Total Silver Parallel

  9. Mark McGwire 1990 Topps Mini

  10. Omar Olivares 1992 Topps Gold INSERT

  11. Jarrod Washburn 09 O Pee Chee Black INSERT

  12. Randy Johnson 08 UD Starquest INSERT
  13. Carlos Quentin 08 UD SPx Die Cut INSERT

  14. Alma Ziegler 1994 TW Women of Baseball


  1. Round 1
    Spiegel selects Gorman Thomas Auto
    Adam selects Mark Mulder Sweet Spot Auto
    Dustin selects Dontrelle Willis Sweet Spot Auto
    BA Benny Richard Hidalgo Sweet Spot Auto
    Daddy Oho goes with Melo/Camby/AI Triple Relic
    Ryan G is up. I will email. Adhering to strict time limit on this one

  2. #45 Larry Walker 02 Fleer Maximum America’s Game Jersey Gray Swatch

    Sorry, I'm getting on this now.

  3. Ba Benny selects Mike Mussina A&G Jersey
    Wicked selects Ivan Rodriguez GU Jersey
    Dave is on the clock. Emailing Now

  4. I never received an email.....

    Manny Ramirez 2007 A&G Bat Card

  5. i will send my rankings in in the next hour or so using the list above..

  6. btw my email is forestrydave at hotmail dot com

  7. Brad selects Hanley Ramirez A&G Bat
    Diamond King selects Lance Berkman Longball Threats GU

    Round 2
    Diamond King selects Eddie Murray Gypsy Queen Blue /599
    Brad selects Rafael Furcal Bazooka Blasts Bat

  8. Spiegel! You always take exactly what I want. Not that the Gorman Auto would have ever made it to #10, so I guess I can't really blame you!

  9. Dave selects Vern Law 1959 Topps
    Wicked selects Julian Wright SP Jersey
    BA Benny selects Steven White 05 Sterling Autograph
    Ryan G selects Jeff Francouer UD Relic
    Daddy Oho selects Ron Cey 75 Topps All Star
    BA Benny selects Kelly Stinnet Bat Card
    Dustin selects Joey Devine Rookie Autograph
    Adam selects Bennie Daniels 1961 Topps
    Spiegel selects Joe Pignatana 1959 Topps

    Be back shortly with Round 3 and Beyond!

  10. Round 3:

    Spiegel selects Claude Osteen 1966 Topps
    Adam selects Ray Semproch 1961 Topps
    Dustin selects Andrew McCuthchen Topps Chrome Rookie
    BA Benny selects Bryant Johnson Rookie Gems GU
    Daddy Oho selects Roy Halladay 1997 Best Rookie
    Ryan G selects Doug Devore Heroes Auto
    BA Benny selects Tommy Hanson 2011 Manupatch
    Wicked selects Desmond Jennings Rookie Cognac
    Dave selects Rob Ramsay SP Rookie Auto
    Brad selects Tommie Agee 1974 Topps Traded
    Diamond King selects Brock Huard 1998 Edge Auto

    Back soon with Round 4 and Beyond...

  11. Round 4
    Diamond King selects Ken Boyer 1964 Topps
    Brad selects 1991 Donruss Series 1 Pack
    Dave selects Randy Dorame Royal Rookies Auto
    Wicked selects Dwayne Wade Total Competition
    BA Benny selects Sean Burroughs UD MVP Jersey
    Ryan G Selects Jorge Cantu Ginter Jersey
    Daddy O ho Selects Ralph Garr 1972 Topps
    BA benny selects Carlton Mitchell Platinum Auto
    Dustin selects Topps 2006 Cello Pack
    Adam selects Cal McClish 1960 Topps
    Spiegel selects Lee Lacy 1976 Topps

    Round 5 coming up before bed time tonight

  12. Round 5
    Spiegel selects 2007 UD Series 2 Pack
    Adam selects Dutch Dotterer 1961 Topps
    Dustin selects Cal Ripken 2012 Gypsy Queen
    BA Benny selects Julio Ramirez Just Minors Auto
    Daddy Oho selects Barry Sanders 1991 Fleer Ultra
    Ryan G selects TC Mascot Autograph Picture
    BA Benny selects Shane Andrew 96 Leaf Auto
    Wicked selects Starlin Castro AS Cognac
    Dave selects Stephen Strasburg 11 Bowman Plat
    Brad selects Phillies Beat Royals 81 Topps
    Diamond King selects Dick Nen 1964 Topps
    5 Rounds in two days...Not too shabby. Please send new lists if you are getting depleted. More coming tomorrow.

  13. Round 6
    Diamond King selects Hal Bevan 1961 Topps
    Brad selects Curt Simmons 1967 Topps
    Dave selects Benny Ayala etc Rookie Outfielders 1975
    Wicked selects Vlad Guerrero 2011 Cognac
    BA Benny selects Stephen Skelton Hit Autograph
    Ryan G selects Willie Kirkland 1966 Topps
    Daddy Oho Selects Prince Fielder ICons Future Foundation
    BA Benny selects Rob Housler Hit Autograph
    Dustin selects Andy Dirks Cognac
    Adam selects Dave Morehead 1969 Topps
    Spiegel selects Adrian Beltre A&G Mini

    Round 7
    Spiegel selects Ron Cey 01 American Pie
    Adam selects Carroll Semberara 1967 Topps
    Dustin selects Tony Cloninger 1970 Topps
    BA Benny selects Michael Booker Dream Pics Auto
    Daddy Oho selects Peyton Manning UD Diamond Collection
    Ryan G selects Don Mincher 1968 Topps
    BA Benny selects Gary Holman 1969 Topps
    Wicked selects Rod Beaubois Jersey
    Dave selects Alfredo Griffin 79 Prospects
    Brad selects Troy Tulowitski UD Masterpieces Rookie
    Diamond King selects Raul Casanova 1969 Topps

    Round 8 or as deep as I can get a little later on

  14. Round 8
    Diamond King selects Greg Goosen 1970 Topps
    Brad selects Bobby Bonilla Silver Signature
    Dave selects 1991 UD Baseball Pack
    Wicked selects Marcus Fizer Autograph
    BA Benny selects Vladimir Guerrero Mini Disk
    Ryan G selects 1975 Topps Roger Nelson
    Daddy O ho selects Frank Gore Numbered Green
    BA Benny selects Keyshawn Johnson Mini Disk
    Dustin selects Cal Ripken Mini Sticker
    Adam selects Gus Williams 1980 Basketball
    Spiegel selects Ryne Sandberg Mini Foil Sticker

  15. Round 9
    Spiegel selects Lou Brock 01 American Pie
    Adam selects Brett Butler 1991 Panini Mini Sti
    Dustin selects Wilson/Roosevelt Campaign
    BA Benny selects Mike Jorgenson 1975 Topps
    Daddy o Ho selects Nolan Ryan Revco
    Ryan G selects Bob Robertson 1979 Topps
    BA Benny selects Matt Holliday Topps Gold
    Wicked selects Quentin Richardson Total Transfer
    Dave selects Thomas Layne 2011 Bowman Chrome RC
    Brad selects Pujols Dunn Vito Diamond
    Diamond King selects Randy Johnson 1969 Topps Football

    Round 10 as deep as I can go before bedtime!

  16. Round 10
    Diamond King selects Bagwell/Biggio Double Mini
    Brad is up emailing now

    Everyone that is close or out on your list, please send me a new one. I will at least carry out twelve rounds since cards are left over!!

  17. Brad goes with Jesse Barfield Topps Gold
    Dave goes with Ubaldo Jimenez Rookie
    Wicked is up and has been mailed.

  18. Hi Wicked -- any chance you want to trade that Fizer card?

  19. Wicked can come back at any time.
    BA Benny selects Roy Williams Gold
    Ryan G selects Scott Baker Gypsy Queen Straight Cut Mini
    Daddy Oho selects Steve Francis Total Performance
    BA Benny selects Babe Ruth Million Dollar Moments
    Dustin Roger Maris Golden Moments
    Adam selects Shane Mack Starting Lineup
    Spiegel selects David Wright Lineage Foil

    That's the end of the 10 Round Draft...Now Bonus Picks coming up soon

  20. If I end up running out of picks, surprise me :)

    Thanks for everything so far, I have had a blast!

  21. Bonus Picks!!

    Spiegel selects Albert Belle UD Hologram
    Adam selects UD Power UP Pack
    Dustin is up, emailing now

  22. More Bonus Picks!
    Dustin selects Pablo Sandoval Cognac
    BA Benny selects Tom Landry 1990 Score HOF
    Daddy Oho selects Tracy McGrady Silver
    Ryan G selects Rick Sutcliffe KMART
    BA Benny selects Texas Rangers Panini Foil Sticker
    Wicked is due two cards. Emailing. Will check in the morn.

  23. More bonus picks.

    Dave selects Brandon Webb Bazooka Rookie
    Brad selects Justin Morneau Trading Card History Chrome
    Diamond King selects Cool Papa Bell

    Diamond King selects 1973 Pat Sullivan
    Brad selects Herschel Walker Score Ground Force
    Dave selects Preston Wilson UD Star Rookie

    Wicked gets a couple of hours. He can pick three cards

  24. More Bonus Picks
    BA Benny selects Nolan Ryan 1990 Score
    Ryan G selects Glenn Davis Panini Mini Sticker
    Daddy O ho selects Amare Stoudemire Topps Total Perf
    BA Benny selects Johan Santana XPonential
    Dustin selects Brad Hawpe Cognac
    Adam selects Christy Mathewson Insert
    Spiegel is up!

  25. Spiegel selects Yadier Molina Topps Black
    Spiegel selects Jim Kaat American Pie
    Adam selects Pro Set Power Pack
    Dustin selects George Brett CYMTO
    BA Benny selects Jose Reyes Starquest
    Daddy Oho selects Roger Clemens 1990 Mini
    Ryan G selects Franklin Stubbs Black Leaf Gold
    BA Benny selects Andre Dawson Lineage

  26. I am assigning the rest according to the lists I have. This draft has been much more pleasurable to run. I will be packaging and mailing in the next couple of days. Also I have recently acquired a lot of baseball so I will be hosting Trade Bait Round 4 very very soon. It will be 50 GU/Autos, 50 Vintage, 50 Inserts/Refractors/#'d. ALL Baseball.

    Please send me addresses if I don't already have yours!

  27. Awesome draft. Thanks. Count me in for the next one.

  28. Sorry dudes, been crazy busy....Jay just pick the cards for me and yes im willing to trade the auto Josh.
    Plus sign me up for the next draft homie.... You run a great draft everytome brother!!

  29. I'm excited for the next one, Thanks for running this wes!

  30. Thanks for the draft, the next one sounds cool as well.

  31. The next draft will be fun. This one is smooth and can't wait to check out the stack I picked.