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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bobbleheads- I dabble

I have talked about bobbleheads before here on my blog.  I have also talked about listia. The two converged last week for one of the most awesome pieces of mail that this bobblehead dabbler has received. I'm jacked, excited.  Can't wait to list some more stuff on listia so I can pick up some more bobble heads!! Check out these two that have me so excited:

Yes both Brewers!  I now have the Racing Bratwurst Bobble-Bad Ass

More pics-He included the ticket from the Kendall giveaway day!

So here's a question or two?  Are you a collector of bobbleheads? How many do you have?


  1. Not a collector but I have a decent amount. Excluding doubles, probably 25-30. A few signed I still need to display somehow.

    Not nearly as many as DodgerBobble though, and his hundreds.

  2. Absolutely! Thus far I'm up to 18, but I still have 10 that I want to collect that were given out at Reds games. I'm a little disappointed that the Reds haven't given out something as sweet as the Racing Bratwurst.

  3. I've got 2. One Chipper Jones one and Rory Mcilory

  4. I collect bobbleheads. I usually buy one after I have been to a new major league or minor league park. I have around 60 bobbleheads total, with about three dozen representing a specific ballparks.

    I have the hot dog! We should race sometime!

  5. I absolutely collect bobbleheads! As for how many... it's hard to say. I have 15 out of their packages and displayed in my office (4 San Jose Sabercats, 2 Ichiros, 2 LA Lakers, 2 SJ Sharks, 1 Maddux, & 5 Oakland Athletics).

    But over the years, I've collected them, put them into storage, and sort of lost count. Heck... I'm not even sure where they are. Some are probably at my parents... others are in my buddy's garage... I have no idea. However an educated guess would place my total bobble head count (including the ones in my office) at around 30... maybe 40.

  6. Not really, I have a few of players I collect, definitely under 10. I do like them but just don't have room to display them.

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