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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Redus Holy Grail Piece Arrives

So most of you know, I am kind of a Gary Redus Supercollector. He's local and a good guy.  Was a solid ball player too!  A lot easier to supercollect Redus than say Nolan Ryan or Derek Jeter.

Today I acquired one of the major gems of the Redus checklist-An on card Starting Lineup figure.  I still don't know how Redus got a figure. Maybe he had dirty pictures of someone at Kenner?  Anyways, I'm glad he did! 

I have tried for this figure many times over and for whatever reason never could get my hands on it! It's not that rare but now it's home with the only Redus SC I know-ME!!

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  1. Magnificent. As a supercollector of a vague player or two myself, I know this victorious feeling.