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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A little before my time...courtesy of Uncle Tiny

A lot of my collecting interests are slowly but surely turning to HOF'ers and Vintage.  The new stuff just doesn't thrill me like it used too. I'm finding myself be more and more selective of what I add to my collection these days.

I have a few headhunters out there that scope things out for me that they think I may like. One of those peeps is my buddy Uncle Tiny from CCW.  He finds some nice stuff for me, so we do some deals periodically.  One of the surprises I recently received from Unc was this Yellow HOF Auto Postcard of William Jennings Herman.  It was first ever HOF signed postcard so it was quite a neat surprise!  Now I just need to be a good student and do some homework on this HOF'er!  Thanks Uncle Tiny