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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Watching the Pregame for Broncos/Steelers and did I really just hear....

Just a quick thought before I settle in for the final playoff game.

I am an AVID Arizona Cardinals fan and have been for years.  I'm still even shocked we made the Super Bowl a few years back but wow did I just hear something that sent chills up my neck.

Charley Casserly on the pregame talking about the Peyton Manning situation.  Then out of the blue, he mentions the Cardinals and how it would make a lot of sense.

Holy Mind Reader Batman.  I have been telling my buddies for weeks that if I were Cards GM, and there was any indication that Peyton was healthy and available I would give up the whole draft. They have been debating having me committed! Now let the rumors swirl. I hope they come true.

Would you want Peyton on your team??

How much would be too much to give up for him??


  1. Wouldn't that depend on HOW HURT he was? A healthy Peyton Manning would be worth a 1st-Round pick. A hobbled Peyton Manning would be worth MUCH less. Look at what aging veterans go for on the open-market...(Carson Palmer notwithstanding...that was the Raiders).

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