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Friday, January 6, 2012

Fun with a blaster, ugh-2011 A&G Discounted Blaster

I'm not blogging about Star Wars today. Instead, I'm blogging about a subject on which I've touched before-blasters.  I've had a few out of this world experiences but most of them have been junk.  This one actually comes courtesy of a Christmas gift from a co worker.  He asked me what I do for fun and I told him I play with cardboard lol.  He must have known what I meant.

The good news...I got a hit
The bad news...The hit was in the first pack
The bad news part II...This new digital cam takes horrible pictures or I suck at  taking them.

Here's the rundown-
#7 Mickey Mantle
33 Curtis Granderson
35 Adam Dunn
61 Brian Roberts
82 Scott Rolen
105 Ubaldo Jimenez
107 LL Zamenhof Inventor of Esperanto
138 Matt Garza
141 Vernon Wells
155 Josh Johnson
180 Kyle Drabek
203 Aaron Hill
230 Mark Teixeira
232 Picabo Street
241 Ike Davis
244 Chone Figgins
261 Carlos Pena
266 Chris Coghlan
279 Brian Wilson
280 Adam Wainwright
283 Daric Barton
287 Yovani Gallardo
303 Jaime Garcia
316 Manny Ramirez
340 Ryan Zimmerman
343 Drew Stubbs

Hometown Heroes
HH13 Shane Victorino Wailuku, HI
HH39 Tim Lincecum Renton, WA
HH51 Josh Beckett Spring, TX
HH59 Brett Gardiner Holly Hill, SC
HH62 Pedro Alvarez Washington Heights, NY
HH95 Kyle Drabek The Woodlands, TX

Code Parallels
296 Derek Lowe
Freaky Looking Code Card

Minds that Made the Future
MMF3 Eli Whitney

Baseball Highlight Sketches
BHS-7 CC Sabathia

Floating Fortresses
FF2 Mary Rose

Ascent of Man
AOM9 Placoderms

World's Champions Backs
100 Albert Pujols
161 Casey McGehee Black Front
237 Carlos Quentin

Ginter Backs
210 Chase Utley
327 David Dejesus

Uninvited Guests UG3 Waverly Hills Sanitorium
Portraits of Penultimacy PP4 Igor
Step Right Up The Human Cannonball SRU5

Game Used
AGR-NS Nick Swisher Grey Swatch

EVERYTHING listed is for trade. I will leave them available for about a week and then I will move them to their respective team boxes.


  1. Interesting, I thought those code "key cards" were only in hobby boxes.

  2. Looks to me like you need to make sure your new cam is set to "macro" mode.