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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tieing up some loose ends. Next to last post of the year.

Well, it has been a trying month or so that has kept me away from blogging.  Financial problems and marital problems do a number on you but  I'm here with a few housekeeping items, some reflection, and an invitation for next year.

I.  Still have, I believe, two packages left to ship from my recent sale. Diamond King and San Jose Fuji coming this week. Sorry for the delay gentleman.

II.  Only have one package left to ship from the blog draft party contest. Again, sorry Fuji, I will have that out this week as well.

III.  First year of blogging here and I feel it was a mixed bag.  At times I was very active. Other times I was a ghost.  9988 pageviews,  128 posts, 62 followers.

IV.  Summer of giving update. Only ended up giving away 10,146 cards.  I did have some entrants in that contest from back in May/June so I will be trying to find something for a couple of those peeps.

V.  Goals for 2012
I would like to get over 25,000 pageviews at some point next year.
Wouldn't mind getting to 100 followers
Shooting to top 300 posts next year
Give away a bunch more cards in 2012-I'm  gonna shoot for 25000 cards sent out again this year.
Get to know many more great blogger readers and fellow bloggers

VI.  An invitation
I'm asking all readers to please shoot me an email with what your team collecting interests and player interests are.  I have lost most of my information due to computer change over and email being compromised.  I just want to know more about my readers and who/what they collect as it gives me more people to bestow unwanted cards upon.  lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com

VII.  I thank everyone who has read my blog this year, took part in a contest, traded with me, and everyone else in our community.  I sincerely hope you all have a very safe and happy holiday season!

Wes Moore


  1. Hey bro... take your time on the shipments. You've been one of the most generous collectors I've had the pleasure of meeting in the blogworld, so it wouldn't be an issue if you kept my donation.

    I hope 2012 treats you better... because you deserve nothing less.