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Sunday, December 18, 2011

JBF First Annual Blog of the Year Contest

In honor of  all the great blogs I have discovered this year, welcome to the First Annual J.B.F. Blog of the Year Contest.

I will be taking nominations for the best blog of 2011.  Here are some rules:

Each reader may nominate one blog-it cannot be there own, it cannot be jbf's junk, you cannot nominate someone that nominated you.

Nominations will be accepted until December 24th. Voting will run from December 25-31
My vote will only be used in the event of a tie.

The winning blog will receive a prize,
The person that nominated that blog will win a prize,
One winner will be selected via random.org for simply participating
Another winner will be selected from those that promote this contest on their blog.

30 Dollar a Week Habit
30 Year Old Cardboard
Autographed Cards
Baseball by the Letters
BDJ610's Topps Blog
Bob Lemke Blog
Cardboard Collections
Card Hobbyist
Cardboard Junkie
Cards on Cards
Chronicles of Fuji
Community Gum
Crinkly Wrappers
Daily Dimwit
Drews Cards
Diamond King
Just a  Bit Offside
Lifetime Topps Project
Mojo Beard
My Cardboard Mistress
Nachos Grande
Napkin Doon
Night Owl
Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle
Play at the Plate
RGB Cards
Sewing Machine Guy on Cards
The Greatest 21 Days Blog
This Card is Cool
Thorzul will Rule
Wrigley Wax


  1. I'll nominate The Mojo Beard. Kevin has brought has kept that thing roling despite the departure of Beardy and Mojo.

  2. I'll nominate Brian over at Play At The Plate. I like what he's doing over there.

  3. I'm going to nominate RGB Cards (it's a DAWG thang, right Raleigh).

  4. I'm putting in my vote for The Diamond King. I really like the work he has done this year with his blog.

  5. How can you have a blog of the year without Cardboard Junkie?


  6. Wow Wes... I appreciate the nomination. Domo arigato.

    I nominate the Captain for his fine work on Just A Bit Offside. It was a tough choice between that and Waxaholic... both are awesome.

  7. I think I will nominate Colbey from Cardboard Collections. He inspired me to try my hand at group breaks and is a very good blogger.

  8. Thorzul of Thorzul Will Rule!

    Fun stuff.

  9. I nominate Wrigley Wax. Go Cubs! And if you ever need to know what game a particular card depicts, run it by WW. He'll figure it out. It's not magic but sometimes it seems like it. Also he has about the most organized collection you'll ever see. Puts me to shame.

  10. Great noms so far. Hope to see more and more. Tell your friends. I'm adding a pimping prize to the pot. If you promote this contest on your blog, I will include you in a random.org for a special prize.

  11. 30 year old cardboard for me please

  12. I'm going to nominate the witness of dimnity! Eh, Sam at The Daily Dimwit. Gotta love those breaks!

  13. What a great list so far! I'm not sure I agree with The Dimwit's nominee though...

    I'd like to nominate a bunch of guys and gals. Honestly I hate to only nominate one because there are many that deserve it, but I'll go with the Community Gum boys.

  14. Contest Pimped: http://www.thedailydimwit.com/2011/12/catching-up-purchases-and-trades-lots.html

  15. I'd like to nominate Wrigley Wax. His ability to pinpoint the exact game that a card photo was taken should not go unrecognized. And yes, I am somewhat biased, being a fellow Cubs fan. Whatever.

  16. I will nominate the Lifetime Topps Project Blog...

    Thank you for the contest!

  17. wow - it's like the late innings at the all-star game. who hasn't played yet? i look down the bench and i see one of the blogs i like to read hasn't been nominated yet...so here goes...
    i put in for crinkly wrappers. cool name, interesting writing, and he runs a fun break.

  18. I also linked to the site.


  19. Hey, there's still a few left!

    I'll go with SewingMachineGuy on Cards. He always makes me click on his blog to see what he's saying. And I don't even like MMA or the Lions.

  20. I'm nomintating My Cardboard Mistress.

  21. Yeah, put me down for The Mistress as well, just for the entertaining banners if nothing else.

  22. i am just getting into blogging, but i'll say thedailydimwit.com

  23. Gotta back up Dayf, but I'm not sure if he actually runs a sports cards blog or a ponies blog anymore. Hopefully I'll be able to post regularly in 2012.

  24. I'd like to nominate 30-Year-Old Cardboard. Brian cranks out posts like the Duggar's do kids!

  25. Updated the List, still got a few days for nominations. I know of a few good blogs that haven't gotten a nod yet!

  26. Man this is tough since there are about 10 blogs I can think of off the top of my head that I would love to nominate. I haven't seen Bob Lemke's Blog nominated, so I'll give it a nod. Great idea on the contest!

  27. Cards on Cards, though I might be a bit biased as a fellow Cardinal fan. I would have also said Daily Dimwit but he's already been mentioned several times.

  28. I nominate Mark @ The Chronicles of Fuji!

  29. The Card Hobbyist

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. I wish you wouldn't have done that Skroeker, as my blog is no where near the level of the heavy hitters on the list, but I appreciate the nomination.

    I'd like to nominate Robert at "30 dollar a week habit".

  32. Play at the Plate. He lets you know he's reading by always leaving nice comments.

  33. Promoted here

  34. Colbey's joint, Cardboard Collections, deserves consideration. The affordable group breaks, the Sunday Verse posts, along with lots of hobby news make it one I almost always check out.
    As for the best... Thorzul still rules.
    Pimping... http://sewingmachineguy.blogspot.com/2011/12/2011-blog-of-year.html

  35. Count me in for Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle, please. Two Erin Hawksworths up for a great blog!

  36. I'll nominate Autographed Cards. Zach does a great job showing off a new autograph every day.

  37. While I don't drop by every day I'll vote for Community Gum. If I get a 2nd vote I'll say the Sewing Machine Guy on Cards as his posts are always a good read and he's been super supportive of me.

  38. I'd nominate Baseball by the Letters. Maybe not always cardboard focused, but definitely constantly updated with TTM and baseball memories.

  39. Though it's difficult to choose just one, it's hard not to vote for Night Owl. Greg is dedicated and an excellent writer and has inspired us over at the Gum to improve our posts and to try to post more frequently (we're one for two so far!).

    I'd say awesome job to everyone nominated, but let's not forget that this isn't a job for any of us which makes it all the more impressive that there are so many bloggers creating solid content just for the fun of it. Thanks for the nomination and your own blog! -Andy

  40. Nominating Cap'n Canuck for Waxaholic. My favorite place to see female Canadian athletes in bikinis.

  41. I'll nominate bdj610's Topps blog - his and Night Owl's are my 2 favorite.

  42. Contest pimped aqui: http://toomanycg.blogspot.com/2011/12/merry-christmas-from-tmgv.html

  43. If it's not too late, I'd like to nominate The Greatest 21 Days blog. It has kept me interested for two solid years detailing the inhabitants of the 1990 CMC Pre-Rookie set.