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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Concept-Stealing it from fellow bloggers-Take Eight

I have seen this on a couple of other blogs...Want to give credit where credit is due to originator but  I'm gonna give it a twirl.  I will call mine-TAKE EIGHT.  The concept is simple.  I will post a group of 8 cards, if you want them-claim them first.  You can send me Braves in return.  If no one claims the group within a day or two, I will add another eight cards. Here we go...Claim it if you want it!

Card 1-Paul Molitor 1988 Topps All Star Commerative Set #3
An all time great to start it off
Card 2-Brooks Robinson 04 Legendary Cuts #14
Another legend
Card 3-John Rodriguez 02 Topps Total #529
Why do I feel like from the picture and the name that this Alex's less talented cousin?
Card 4-Cecil Fielder 1991 UD Fielder's Feat #83
I thought this card was boss back in 1991!
Card 5-Dale Berra/Yogi Berra 1985 Topps Father/Son Card #132
Dale didn't do quite as well as Pops!
Card 6-Todd Van Poppel 1991 Score Rookie #389
This was another hot one 20 years ago!
Card 7-Jim Abbott 1992 UD Team MVP Holograms #3
Scan is horrible, card is neat.  Jim Abbott was quite an amazing athlete in my opinion.
Card 8- Jay Austin 08 Playoff Contenders Rookie #28
I don't know him but maybe he is a big deal or no deal at all?

So that's todays offering!  Let me know if you wanna take the eight!


  1. For the originator check out Nachos Grande!

  2. It's yours, shoot me your mailing addy to lifebythedrop79@yahoo.com