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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Concept-Stealing it from fellow bloggers-Take Eight

I have seen this on a couple of other blogs...Want to give credit where credit is due to originator but  I'm gonna give it a twirl.  I will call mine-TAKE EIGHT.  The concept is simple.  I will post a group of 8 cards, if you want them-claim them first.  You can send me Braves in return.  If no one claims the group within a day or two, I will add another eight cards. Here we go...Claim it if you want it!

Card 1-Paul Molitor 1988 Topps All Star Commerative Set #3
An all time great to start it off
Card 2-Brooks Robinson 04 Legendary Cuts #14
Another legend
Card 3-John Rodriguez 02 Topps Total #529
Why do I feel like from the picture and the name that this Alex's less talented cousin?
Card 4-Cecil Fielder 1991 UD Fielder's Feat #83
I thought this card was boss back in 1991!
Card 5-Dale Berra/Yogi Berra 1985 Topps Father/Son Card #132
Dale didn't do quite as well as Pops!
Card 6-Todd Van Poppel 1991 Score Rookie #389
This was another hot one 20 years ago!
Card 7-Jim Abbott 1992 UD Team MVP Holograms #3
Scan is horrible, card is neat.  Jim Abbott was quite an amazing athlete in my opinion.
Card 8- Jay Austin 08 Playoff Contenders Rookie #28
I don't know him but maybe he is a big deal or no deal at all?

So that's todays offering!  Let me know if you wanna take the eight!