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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Seats 9 and 10 are now taken. Win Seat 11 inside

This BIG FUN GAME is rapidly approaching....Let's recap the first 8 entrants

Jedi Jeff
Richard Nebe Jr.
Diamond King
Angels in Order
Night Owl
Baseball Card Breakdown

So who took down seats 9 and 10.....

Congratulations to Tim B and Sam from the Daily Dimwit who joined the game.  For seat 11 in the BIG FUN GAME----if you were going to have a championship match for the brass knuckle blogging world tag team titles who would your partner be and why?  Will randomize all entries that list a partner and a reason and select a winner Saturday night!  Good Luck!


  1. I think I'm gonna go with Night Owl. He's a crowd favorite so if these things are fixed I'm going to win. And if not, then he's like Rocky - you know that even in Rocky XVII Rocky is going to beat the guy 70 years younger than him. He's an unstoppable force!

  2. I'll go with Bob Walk the Plank. He blogs seemingly every. single. day -- and is always on top of sending out cards to people. I envy his persistence and his regularity.

  3. Gotta go with Junior Junkie. I bet he's got some Cajun style swamp fox moves.

  4. I am going with Project Pedro Blog. We haven't ever met, we don't agree on teams, but we have known each other the longest as blogger and get along real well. I think we could easily work together as a tag team and know what to expect from each other quickly

  5. San Jose Fuji and me--where else would you get two short chunky Japanese guys who collect cards

    1. I'd be honored Al to have you as my tag team partner!

  6. I'm gonna go with "DavidInArk" from TribeCards.net. Have you seen some of his videos? I bet he's seen a fight or two. :-)

  7. Wallach Card Collector - An attorney who goes after what he wants

  8. Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown a pair of custom card designers with an artistic mind we should be able to overcome anything in our way.

  9. I'm usually a lone wolf because my partners always get killed.
    That makes it hard to just mark someone as a target. But I'll pick Tony Burbs bc noone has named him yet and he's not in the contest yet.
    He looks like he can take care of himself in a rumble...and I dig the classy tie in a blogger pic.
    Besides all that, Tony B and Stealing Home will look good on a marquee.

  10. Under normal circumstances I would pick JBF and then hit him with a chair when he wasn't expecting it. That is the nature of our relationship.

    Tony L and I are definitely dressing like the Legion of Doom

  11. I would go with you JBF, your vast knowledge and appreciation for everything wrestling would earn us the title belts.

  12. I'll go with Scott Crawford as he's been my biggest trading partner over the years.

  13. Meh, I'll pick myself because who needs a partner? All the glory for me.

  14. i'd go with jeff from 2x3 heroes because he's got to be tough after a lifetime of white sox fandom.

  15. I will second the vote for the Night Owl. He blogs essentially every day, his posts are well thought out and not rushed, he is an excellent writer, and we share the same birthday.