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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A double shot of mailday goodness

Tonight I'm taking the opportunity to show off maildays from two top bloggers.  First up is a bundle of fun sent by Brian of Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary:
 A nice selection of base and parallels!
 A card I've never seen before! Double points
Finally we have a numbered gold and another of those acetate autographs that i love!  Thank you Brian!! 15 points for you

Next up are some gems from Oscar of Stealing Home fame
 A trio of bonus cards.  I will be throwing these in the card draft pool in a future update post!
 I will not however give up the Pat.  I never give up a Pat!  He is one of us!
A base card, a auto, and a relic card walk into a bar....oh theres no punchline just some badass Willinghammers!  Thanks a ton my friend you got 11 points!  Got some stuff set to the side for you as well!


  1. I love that Neshek signs with baseball stitches in his first name.

  2. Those baseball stitches really make Neshek a great auto.
    There's more to come, my friend. I'm still on the hunt for Willinghammers.