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Monday, December 26, 2016

War comes to an end

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy warm holidays!  I received so many nice things from my blogging friends and family.  While I would like to take weeks to show off all the goods unfortunately I don't have the extra time these days. 

I did however want to take the opportunity to tip the hat to my arch enemy Mr. Bob Walk the Plank for a great war.  He came in with a flurry at the end and thankfully I withstood his advances...wasn't easy.  My final blow arrived at Bob Walk HQ the day that I received this surprise:

 A very odd shaped mailer.  I've used these size before....Oh man
 Soon after I realized I had been sneak attached and one of my closest allies The Lost Collector had switched sides!!! But this twist of fate landed me a collection cornerstone!  A GAME USED WILLINGHAMER bat!!!
Matthew then followed up his surrender with a parting gift-the most high end Willingham package I've ever received.

Matthew and AJ- I can't thank you enough brothers.  This was a tremendous haul that just blew me a way.  No matter what way my collecting turns I will never be letting go of my Willingham collection and these will always be treasured.

Will I war again? 
Have I identified a potential opponent?
Will my collecting take any surprising turns in 2017?

All will be revealed in due time my friends.  Until then I wish for nothing by health and happiness for you all in the new year!



  1. Congrats on a mighty fine "battle" Well "played". Have an awesome entrance into 2017 and throughout the year!

  2. Wes, I hope you had a great Christmas and wish you well for the New Year!

    Beautiful stuff from BWTP. Glad to see that he landed such solid blows to you. Can't let you off without some punishment!

  3. "Will my collecting take any surprising turns in 2017?

    Wes - we EXPECT surprising turns out of your collecting. :)

  4. A Willingham bat? Wow!
    Happy Holidays, Wes!

  5. Nice haul, a Hammer used by the Hammer!

  6. Nice bat!!

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday too!

  7. Game used bat? Now that's flippin' awesome!

  8. I had fun my friend. Until next time......