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Monday, April 18, 2016

Let's show off some cardboard! Double Barrell Action

I've fallen so far behind in sharing maildays from all my great cardboard buds I need to get it going!  Tonight I'm going to share one nice surprise from a Super Trader and another selection from my favorite cardboard uncle-Tiny.

Tiny started out with this sweet ROLL TIDE Alumnus
 Not to be outdone is a crazy parallel #'d 3/10 of Kevin
 Tiny knows I dig the old stuff and this one I had to do some study but what a cool card
 HOF bat card from National Treasures!
Tiny also sent one other super sweet card but I'm not showing it...It's destined for one of the Super Traders!

/Coming up next is a sweet bubbler from my favorite Canadian trade partner-Douglas from Buck Store Cards.  Hardly anyone can fill out a bubbler with almost every collecting interest being touched

He starts it off with some Bravos
Coming up next is a Red Bird and a legendary Mav

 DC strikes next with another Bama alumnus!
 Douglas showed off this gem and I was STOKED to hear it was coming my way
 Finally is this great CFL Bama gem.  Always astounded by the Bama finds that he sends my way

Many thanks to Uncle Tiny and DC for these great packages!  One is headed north of the border that I hope will be very well received!

More maildays coming soon!


  1. I always love sending CFL cards for someone's alumni collection. They seem to be among the most popular things I can dig up.