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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Obsessed with one card

I've mentioned Mike Wilks here on the blog before as well as some reasons why I started chasing the one particular card.  Well, over the holidays I was lucky enough to find another one of the copies in my dumb chase to get them all.  There are a few things that drew me to Mike.  He obviously was a grinder playing for I believe 9 teams.  He was rewarded with his efforts with a ring on the 05 Spurs.  He was recognized for sportsmanship while in the DLeague-I like that as well.  He also located in my hometown of Decatur, AL at one time.  So check this bad boy out:
This is one of the patch parallels with a beautiful 3 color patch-numbered to 50.  I believe this is my third patch.  The regular jersey version is #'d to 199.  I have ten of those 199.  There is also a tag man and logo man extremely limited parallels.  I love the look of this card and that it hasn't been easy to find!  If you happen upon any of the versions please keep me in mind!

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  1. Really sharp! And will keep you in mind if I come across any.