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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A nod to UCF Brett and the Lost Collector

I'm really going to try to get caught up on these awesome Mailday posts this week.

Tonight lets take a look at some goodies sent my way from Brett and AJ

Brett is still adding to my Bravos auto collection which I'm going to hold onto tight:

AJ started off his trade package with an exciting note
 I always smile when I get Bravos
 AJ sent a couple of autos including one who started with BAMA
 I do need this Willingham I DO!!!!  It was #'d to 170
 This is an exquisite Beauty #'d to only ten!!!!   TEN!!!  Frickin Beautiful

Many Many Thanks to AJ and Brett for thinking of me!!  I have somethings put aside for both of you fine gentlemen!