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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Post 500-You might want to check this out

So post 500 has arrived.  I have been mulling something crazy that I could do with this slight landmark of a post.  As with many things I do-I wanted it to be crazy!  Consider this post 500 an homage to many things. 

Homage 1- Thank you to all that have read and followed this blog...and to all the haters.  Oh wait, there really haven't been any haters so THANK YOU!

Homage 2-I really enjoyed the World Cup and plan to pay it homage in a cardboard way.

Homage 3- The premise is an homage to another blogger's annual program which I have sneaked off of before-Trade Me Anything by Thorzul.  A simply great concept that I love.  Well done sir!

So here we are:


Here is the dealio.  I'm going to introduce 32 pieces of cardboard in groups of 4.  I'm looking for a trader for each card so 32 unique traders in all.  Maybe you can find something you really want or maybe just something that you need.  Perhaps it's only for tradebait.  Either way jump in. 
The cards are put into groups of 4.  So if you choose to trade for a card in group A then you are playing in Group A.  I will accept trades of "anything" for each card.  When all trades have been received I will select a winner of best trade for each group.  The winner for each group will move onto the knock out round which I will put up for voting.  We will vote until we have one winner of who you all think provided me with the best trade.  I won't be busting trades and revealing until September 3rd when I'm on vacation so that gives you plenty of time to get something together.  I will however get your card out as soon as you claim what you want and I have your address. 

The top 3 finishers will receive something from me.  Most importantly though is to play to win.

The winner will receive this illustrious World Cup of Cardboard Trading Trophy
You will also receive in insane package from me designed to your card collecting needs.  If you have any doubt of my insanity just ask P Town Tom from Waiting til Next Year.  Others can vouch for my insanity.

So what do you trade me?  Well that's up to you!  I pick the winners for each group so you want to trade me stuff which I like:  Mascot Cards, Arizona Cardinals, Alabama Alumni, Josh Willingham, Gary Redus, Atlanta Braves, Montreal Expos, Pre 1976 Vintage, Retired player bat and autograph cards for baseball.  Vintage basketball and football cards.  Dallas Mavericks.

Maybe you want to go a different way?  No limit on how much or how little you send.  I wont turn away 1 card trades but if you want to win you gots to get out of the first round.  Any questions just ask.  First come in the comments is first served.  Please remember I won't be breaking till the week of September 3rd.  Here's the goodies

Group A-The group of everything else
 P.S. Hoffman Piece
 An early gu card with a football chip
He's probably going to be pretty good-Here's his rookie

Group B-The Group of Jerseys
 A little Bravos action
 UFC Jumbo

He's Bossy-Mike Bossy

Group C-The Group of Autographs
 Alex Reyes-105/500
Hockey-Larry Robinson

Group D-The Group of Football Autos
 Landry is Shiny and #'d 23/50
 Rudi, Rudi
 Not the singer but the runner-Chris Brown
Kenny Stills was nice enough to sign this K.S for your autograph pleasure

Group E-The Group of Numbered Stuff
 National Treasures Thomas 18/49
 Precious Metal Gems 28/50

Group F-The Group of Ginter and Goodwin
 Doubrant 2014 Auto
Mark Roth Bowler 2014

Group G-The group of Multicolored Technicolor Dream Coats
 Lady golfer with many colors
 Multicolor Fez
 Mini Edition Pinstriper
He's prime and Multicolored with a ball with some letters written on there-17/50

Group H-The Group of Death
 Not sure if he signed with his steroid hand.  09/35
 Jumbo 15/25
 It don't need to be numbered. It's friggin Bob Gibson
RIP Tony!

So claim away.  You can only claim one.  Move Fast-DON'T TELL WHAT YOU ARE SENDING.  Once you've claimed email me at lifebythedrop79 at yahoo dot com



  1. Wow - so no one has commented yet and I have first pick?

    Hmmm.....what to claim? What to claim? What to claim?
    Ok - I'm claiming the Gibson auto. It's too good to pass by.

  2. Since he took the Gibson auto I'll call dibs on the Reyes Blue Auto. Thanks and congrats on post 500

  3. I'll go for the Larry Robinson auto.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I'll claim the dubront auto from 2014 Ginter

  6. Hanley relic from Group E, please!

  7. I am finding myself drawn to the Stacy Prannamamaanandasanasudh relic.

  8. I will claim the Carlos Delgado relic

  9. I'll take the Canseco if it is still around!

  10. Replies
    1. Its yours. Clark real had claimed but deleted his comment. So its yours.

  11. Everybody is so busy jumping on cards they forgot to say congrats on 500!

  12. I grab the Larry Robinson. Congrats on 500

  13. Not here to claim anything, but I can most certainly vouch for JBF's insanity... you know... in regards to baseball cards.

    Tread lightly my blogging friends, because once he has your address he doesn't lose it. Then he sends monsters of yore to your doorstep... like The Kraken, The Rancor Monster, and The Colossus. Cardboard craziness! Haha!

    Congrats on the five hundredth post!

  14. Congrats, JBF!

    I'll claim the Nova jersey, please.

  15. I'll take Palko if possible. Hail to Pitt! Congrats on 500!!!

  16. Wilin Rosario still on the board?

  17. Not gonna get in on the action, but just wanted to say congrats on the milestone!